Saturday, May 12, 2007

Alyssa and Judy when I was in San Deigo.

These girls are.....lets just say it was hard to focus the camera
when i was takeing their pics. Alyssa (right side) kept having trouble with her top staying on and she asked me if i would be
willing to tie tighter knots. That was the last thing i wanted to do. As i kept getting tempted by Alyssa Judy was fiddling with my equipment (camera equip) but on a few occations she actually grabed my other "stuff" too and gave it a twist.

I'll be doing another session with these cuties in June. I can't wait!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Lady In Red

This is Abby, she saw some of my photo's on the internet and sent me a email saying how interested she'd be in doing a photo session with me. So after about 3 months of pen paling every day and getting to know one another we finally desided to meet here in Las Vegas. She was coming out to have some fun and I thought it would be a good way to meet in a public place and at least offer to buy her dinner.

After meeting at one of the cainos i asked if she would like to still do the photo session and she said " Absolutly "! So i asked what day she'd like to schedule for and she told me as soon as possible. I told her to call me the following morning when she was ready and i'd be over to her hotel to pick her up and we'd go find a location.

8:00 a.m. the next day i got the call and i arrived at her room, knocked on the door and heard her say to come right in! As soon as i walked through the door i saw her on the sofa in this position and i was in awe. I told her not to move a inch and i got my equipment ( camera equipment folks ) and started takeing some very nice shots. This young woman has class, humor and is very very sexy!

I can't wait until July when she is back she's already booked a suite and told me that i can leave the equipment at home....( again the camera equipment ) but the other " equipment " she said she'd take care of personally.

Weight...( I never had the guts to ask ).

Turn ons...Nice guys with humor and that know how to treat a lady.

Turn offs...Bad Breath, rude people, and pick up lines.

Favorite fantacy...To have sex on the roof top of one of the caino's at night while looking down at the Las Vegas strip. Hmm maybe i can help her with that one...LOL.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I met Stacey when I was in Dallas. I was visiting a friend of mine and we were at Six Flags and ran across Stacey while we were waiting in line. The things that you can find out about people when you're waiting to ride a roller coaster. Beleive me I'll take her up on her invitation to come back for some good ole Texas hospitality!


This is Rachel and she lives not to far away from me. She wanted me to take her pic so she could send it to her boy friend who is doing some work out of town and hasn't been back for a couple of months. I asked her if she was going to include a sweet little letter with the photograph telling him how much she missed him and she sinfully smiled and said it was a letter but as for being " Sweet " he had another thing coming. Somehow I think that when he gets back into town he's going to be busy for the next night or two....maybe longer! LOL